Unlocking Business Potential: A Deep Dive Into Omnichannel Excellence

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In the ever-evolving landscape of commerce, businesses strive to reach customers through diverse channels, aiming to provide a seamless shopping experience. However, a significant challenge persists, disrupting the fluid connection between businesses and their clientele.

Bridging the Gap: Offline and Online Synchronisation

New consumer behaviours are becoming increasingly prevalent, one of which is showrooming, this is defined as a customer visiting physical stores to see and experience products before buying them online. A huge 60% of shoppers identify this as a regular part of their shopping behaviour and 79% of showrooming shoppers state that they regularly start mobile shopping journeys whilst standing in a physical store.

Consider a scenario where a customer, when visiting a physical store, decides to explore the online store for product availability, pricing, reviews, or a more convenient mobile payment experience using their mobile phone.  The challenge arises when businesses fail to own the experience between their offline and online realms, risking the loss of customers to the vast online shopping universe and competition. This exploration delves into the prevalent issue of achieving cohesion in the business narrative across both digital and physical dimensions.

Imagine connecting your real-world, physical experience with a digital one, optimised to serve their environment. Empowering your customers to make purchases on their terms – what, when, and how they prefer. The trend of customers initiating their digital journeys in-store is no longer optional; it's the new norm. Stored empowers brands in crafting experiences that not only maintain control over customer interactions but also unlock valuable insights along the way, seamlessly weaving the physical and digital into a unified, customer-centric buying experience.

Stored's Omnichannel Mastery: A Revolution in Business Connectivity

1. Endless Aisle Payments

Stored's seamless payment links empower customers to instantly purchase items discovered offline, and online. This ensures businesses never miss a sale, whether an item is out of stock or the customer prefers the convenience of online shopping, effectively taking control of showrooming shoppers. Without the distractions and complications of a traditional e-commerce site, Stored helps to move the customer from physical interaction to a digital checkout in seconds.

2. Shoppable Touchpoints and Customer Data

Stored assists brands in elevating customer engagement by crafting immersive payment experiences. Whether connecting a store window, an in-store display, or other media to a digital checkout, this solution enhances the overall shopping journey and helps brands to capture valuable data insights.

3. A Digital Basket for the Physical World

With Stored, customers can access a digital basket right at their fingertips during their visit to a physical store. This feature enables customers to effortlessly scan one or multiple items and complete a two-tap payment at checkout, wherever they are. It streamlines the purchase process, making it more efficient and convenient.

Connect, Sell More, and Grow: Stored's Omnichannel Brilliance

Stored provides a transformative solution to the intricate puzzle of maintaining omnichannel excellence. As businesses navigate the complexities of the modern commerce landscape, Stored empowers them to unlock their full potential, offering customers a consistent and gratifying payment experience across all channels. With Stored, businesses can not only meet but exceed customer expectations, fostering loyalty and growth in an omnichannel world.