Fast & flexible solutions for retail.

Connect your customers to checkout, instantly, anywhere.

Create buying experiences as unique as your customer

Move your customers from any interaction online or offline, seamlessly into buying experience with instant checkout.

Every customer, any channel

Make every touchpoint a shoppable experience in a matter of minutes. Close the gap from consideration to purchase, removing friction and creating seamless opporunities to buy.
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Convert offline customers, online

Seamlessly move your customers from any offline interaction to mobile payment instantly via QR code. Perfect for low nventory pop-ups, print media or simply making it easier for your customers to buy out of stock products online.
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Curated collections, anywhere

Create engaging buying experiences that align to your customer journey. Shop The Look? No problem, create product collections, enhance with media and start taking payment.
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Connected customer experience

Create flexible buying experiences that reflect your customers and the journeys they’ve taken.

No more affiliate codes

Remove the breaks in your customer journey, replace affiliate codes with trackable payment links.
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Contextual commerce

Enable your customers to move seamlessly from affiliate content to instant checkout, anywhere.
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No website? No problem.

You don’t need the complexity of a traditional of website with Stored. Start selling now.

Fast and simple payments

Drive more sales with journeys that are optimised towards buying over browsing.
Take payment, anywhere

Move customers to checkout in seconds, from anywhere.

Instant checkout
Take payment, quickly

Improve checkout completion time by up to 58%.

Optmised conversion
Take payment, more

Boost conversion from discovery to sale by up to 250%.


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