Amplify your reach with social commerce.

Creators and customers are saving and sharing your products.  Imagine if you could see this and reward it.

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Connect with global creators who promote your products

Build brand awareness and grow sales through matching your products with high converting creators.

Customise your reward structures

Reward brand ambassadors big and small, whether global creators or customer advocates.  Pay anyone for a referral.

Connect social commerce to in-store

With our Shop The Look feature you can setup trending displays in a matter of minutes.  Connecting your in-store customers to online, and giving them the social proof they need to convert.

Gain the insights you need to drive more sales through sharing

See what, when and why you creators and customers are sharing, to increase awareness and convert more sales.

If you’re a retailer we’d love to speak to you about how Stored can turbo charge your brand.

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