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Understanding the Need for Instant Selling Solutions

In today's fast-paced market, the traditional selling model are evolving. The rise of multi-channel selling and the changing dynamics of consumer behaviour demand more agile and responsive selling solutions. Businesses need to adapt quickly, enabling sales across various platforms without delay. This shift highlights a crucial need for instant payment solutions that cater to impulsive buying behaviours and seamless multi-channel interactions.

How Stored's Instant Selling Solution Works

Stored simplifies the setup process for merchants, making it possible to start selling products online almost immediately. The platform focuses on minimising the technical barriers typically associated with establishing an online business, enabling merchants to create customised e-commerce journeys without extensive technical knowledge or design skills. This ease of use not only accelerates the go-to-market for products but also enhances the adaptability of businesses to meet their customers right where they are and present them with an opportunity to checkout, anywhere.

Key Features of Stored's Instant Selling Solution

Stored's platform is designed with key features to support swift and efficient market entries:

  • Instant Boarding & Setup Process: Go live in minutes with a straightforward setup.
  • Seamless Integration Across Sales Channels: Whether through social media or direct web links, Stored allows you to share your products anywhere and takes customers straight to checkout.
  • Secure and Frictionless Payment Processing: Transactions are smooth and secure, providing confidence to both sellers and buyers.
  • Customisable Product Curation and Recommendations: Tailor your offerings to fit the unique needs and preferences of your audience, enhancing the shopping experience and increasing conversion rates.

Case Studies: Success Stories with Stored's Instant Selling Solution

Mochara, a premium online equestrian brand, exemplifies the effectiveness of Stored's solution. At a recent physical pop-up on Oxford Street, Mochara used Stored to allow customers to scan and purchase products directly, eliminating the need for traditional checkout processes. This enabled Mochara to run a low inventory model perfect for the lean model required to sell effectively at a pop up event. Additionally, Mochara has leveraged Stored to create tailored e-commerce micro-sites in collaboration with influencers, significantly expanding their reach and sales potential in the UK.


Stored's instant selling solution revolutionises the way businesses approach online sales, offering unparalleled speed, ease, and flexibility. By reducing the barriers to entry, Stored empowers businesses of all sizes to establish an online business quickly and effectively, turning every customer interaction into a potential sale. This innovative approach not only meets the modern demands of multi-channel selling but also positions Stored as a leader in redefining the e-commerce landscape for merchants aiming to sell in the UK and globally.

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