Answers to your most frequently asked questions

What is Stored and how does it work?

Selling online has significant challenges. Stored was developed to tackle the key pain points of e-commerce, reducing the complexities of setting up a traditional e-commerce website, addressing low conversion rates, and connecting broken customer journey’s.

Stored is an e-commerce tool that empowers businesses to quickly and easily sell anywhere. It does this by enabling businesses to embed a full-feature store or checkout into any existing website, while preserving its original design and functionality. It can also be integrated across social media, affiliate marketing, email, text message, or even behind a QR code in a physical setting - meaning that your customers can see and buy your products wherever they find them, instantly.

In which countries is Stored available for use?

Stored is currently available for use across the UK & Ireland. We will soon begin offering services in new countries worldwide. Until then, stay tuned for updates.

Can I utilise Stored alongside an existing website?

Yes, Stored serves as a fully flexible e-commerce tool, meaning that you can embed a full feature store or checkout into any existing website without affecting its design or usability.

What if I already have an e-commerce storefront?

You can always use Stored’s campaign-based commerce features alongside your existing e-commerce site to boost your campaign performance. This enables you to create fast and flexible e-commerce experiences for selling across social media platforms, by email, text, through affiliates, or even behind a QR code. Stored helps you sell anywhere, in ways that a traditional storefront can't.

Is Stored suitable for use if I do not currently have a website?

Yes, Stored can operate as a standalone e-commerce platform, meaning you can set up your online store and start selling instantly. Every user is assigned their own unique domain URL, for free from which they can host and sell products. This means that you can turn any platform into a shoppable experience by integrating your Stored link anywhere you want! Unlike traditional e-commerce websites, setting up requires no technical knowledge or external assistance. Plus, using the platform is completely free!

What are the costs associated with using Stored?

Stored does not have any platform fees; you only incur a charge of 2.5% + 30p per transaction. The only other fees that you will incur will be the payment processing fees which you agree directly with your payment processor.

Which industries can derive benefits from using Stored?

Any business looking to sell online—whether it's products, events, experiences, services, merchandise, content, or anything else.

Do I need a domain name to start using Stored?

No, when using Stored, you are assigned a unique URL and branded domain through which you can start selling straight away. Alternatively you can choose to assign your own brand domain.

Is prior experience as a web designer or developer necessary to use Stored effectively?

Going live with Stored is almost as easy as setting up a social media profile. You can complete the setup in just 4 simple steps and start selling your products within a few minutes

What happens when I receive an order?

When a sale is made, you receive your order directly into your order management portal, the payment is processed by Stripe and passed directly to your own account. Stored’s fees are deducted by Stripe and the balance is passed directly to your own account, Stored does not touch the transaction.

How do I process payments?

When you create an account, registration includes integration with Stripe, allowing payments to be processed directly through your chosen provider. Upon making a sale, you will receive the full amount minus fees directly via Stripe, not to Stored.

Can I customise the look and feel of my e-commerce experience on Stored?

Yes, Stored offers customisation options that reflect your brand identity across all visual elements

Does Stored provide customer support options for my buyers?

Stored is dedicated to providing excellent support to its customers. However, it does not offer customer support for the buyers of those brands. As with any platform, brands are responsible for managing their own customer experience outside of the platform.

Can I offer discounts or promotional codes on Stored?

Yes, each campaign allows for the creation of discount codes that can be tailored specifically to the campaign or even to individual products. This allows you to maintain the full price on your official website or elsewhere while creating exclusive discounts for each campaign, channel, or affiliate through Stored.

Does Stored provide analytics or sales reports for my store?

Yes, with Stored's advanced campaign measurement system, you can access all metrics through a comprehensive dashboard on your platform.

Is there a limit to the number of products I can sell on Stored?

No, there is no limit to the number of products you can add to Stored. However, it's important to remember Stored's purpose: focused campaigns and fast checkout. Adding too many products may overwhelm your customers, so it's best to keep your offerings streamlined and targeted.

Can I sell internationally with Stored? Are there any restrictions?

Since operational responsibilities beyond online sales lie with the businesses themselves, products can be sold to any country in the world as long as the business complies with the setup processes and adheres to local law in the relevant countries.

What are the supported payment methods on Stored?

Currently, we support card payment as well as express options like Apple Pay, Google Pay and Link as well as Buy Now Pay Later via Klarna and Afterpay.

Does Stored offer mobile support for managing my store on the go?

Yes, the Stored portal is accessible on desktop and mobile.