Cheeky Clucker take payment upfront with Stored.

Reducing no-shows and time spent, while increasing their bottom line.

Cheeky Clucker

Cheeky Clucker is a bar & restaurant that hosts recurring events, many of these require pre-payment. As a hospitality business without an e-commerce platform, receiving upfront payments can be time consuming, costly or make things harder for their customer. This results in fewer bookings or reduced profits.
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The solutions today just don’t work

Taking digital payments can be time consuming, complicated and expensive.

Telephone payment

Requires the customer to make contact and staff to manage. Adds security risks of managing card details and customer data.
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Email & pay by link

Requires the customer to make contact and staff to manage. Created for one for one transactions shared via email.
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Ticketing marketplace

Unnecessary for small scale events that are sold direct to community - High cost, typically 8-15%.
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Payment Links

Cheeky Clucker are able to quickly and easily create payment links for their events. They share these payment links across social media and their website to take up front payment from their customers. This reduces the time and cost associated with managing traditional methods, removes friction for their customers, as well as reducing no-shows through pre-payment.
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“We have a very simple need. We want to take pre-payment for small events.

Traditional methods are time consuming, expensive and cause friction for our customers, which means fewer bookings. The alternative is to take payment on the day which runs the risk of no shows.

With Stored we can quickly and easily create payment links for any event. We share them with our followers across our social channels and take payment instantly.

For our customers it's a fast and simple payment, and if it means we get more pre-paid customers through the door. It’s a win win."

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